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Friday Night Surrender

When I first became a Christian I was already to old for youth events. Today I am glad I have two teenage sons and an excuse to visit some. On Friday night I took my two sons as part of the Belgrave South Baptist Church Youth Group to ‘Surrender’ at Belgrave Heights Convention Centre.

The speaker who was meant to be on didn’t arrive on time so Jarrod McKenna spoke instead. I must confess I did not expect much but am happy to say I was very, very wrong.

Jarrod began by talking about the need to fight or flee when you encounter danger, Then went on to share a personal story about his encounter with a guy who was down on his luck at a railway station in Western Australia. The fellow demanded Jarrod give him his wallet, Jarrod then proceeded to give the guy $10.00/ As he did he stuck out his hand and introduced himself ‘Jarrod’ he said, which to his surprise made the guy apologise for having to rob him and share the fact he was doing it tough. Jarrod then proceeded to get a Gideon’s Bible from his art bag and offer it to the guy, who said “what am I going to do with a Bible, I am going to hell” “We are all going to hell” Jarrod commented “that’s why Jesus came”

A girl (friend of the guy) then ran past saying “we have to get out of here” the guy told Jarrod he had to go began running off but returned to take the Bible. Going in the same direction as the thief Jarrod saw a car with numerous youth in (the crew of the guy who robbed him) the girl telling them “I got a handbag” Jarrods assailant stating “I got ten bucks and a Bible”

What happened to that guy and the Bible? Nobody knows! The point is Jarrod when confronted by fear decided to let God lead and the result was a lot more positive than if he hadn’t.

The youth in our churches have so much to teach us. A powerful witness by Jarrod on Friday night moved many young people to join him in the altar call at ‘Surrender’ youth need to see examples. Not examples of what Jesus has already done but examples of what He is doing in and through us.

Thankyou Jarrod for challenging me to be bolder in sharing my God walk with the young people I encounter in my life, including my two teenage sons.

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