Self- examination

Since coming to recovery one of the things I do religiously is take time to self-examine. My motives, my attitudes, my actions etc.

I heard a quote back in July of 2010 which said ‘If your output exceeds your input your upkeep will be your downfall’

Many of us especially in early recovery want to give, give, give. Even when we haven’t established the corect process of feeding ourselves. God commands us to share, but He also comands us to rest. We need to make sure we take time to regularly.

Again in my papers I came across a hand written check sheet for my self-examination.

1. What was I like pre-Salvation?
            who did I associate with and why?
            what sort of places did I frequent and for what purpose?
            what problems did I have and what caused them?

            How has this changed?

2. What was the process of change I experienced through the ‘Bridge

           process of recovery?
           process of repentance?
            process of renewal?

            How has this changed me?

3. How do I apply a Biblical based recovery to my daily living?
               seeking God?
               identifying His direction in my daily living?
               applying His commands to my everyday life?

               Am I living a Biblical based Recovery?

4. What is the next step God wants me to take right now?
Am I listening and doing what He wants me to do?

This is only a part of what I wrote. Try asking yourself these questions today. Write down your answers. I do, evaluate where you are lacking and set a plan of what you can do to improve.

If you want the rest of my ‘Personal Evaluation’ email me  and request it.


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