What are you doing for Easter?

Luke 23:20-21 Pilate still wanted to let Jesus go, and so spoke out again. But they kept shouting back,”Crucify! Crucify him!”

How would you feel? Sentencing an innocent man to the death penalty by the inhumane method of crucifixion just to satisfy the crowd?

Pilate didn’t want to so he gave the crowd the option of setting Jesus free. But it was never meant to be that way. God planned Jesus death because without it their could be no example of true love, loyalty and no resurrection.

In addiction, compulsion and recovery we to are guilty of sentencing others to death, not by crucifixion but by addiction. We all know the only way to true, lasting recovery and know others who will benefit from learning and following ‘The Way, Truth and Life’ yet we don’t share with them.

Instead like the crowd our attitude is “I’m okay, stuff you Jack”

During this sacred Christian Celebration of the greatest sacrifice ever made, if you know someone who needs recovery and assistance in finding the ‘True Path’ reach out to them. Invite them to visit church, with you and introduce them to the ‘One True Higher Power’

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