Recovery is simple but not easy!

I was unsure of how to go about this, and felt totally inadequate– I was scared to death, if you want the truth of it. 1 Corinthians 2:3

Recovery can be a scary prospect. To move away from addiction, that, even though it is painful is comfortable. When we first come to recovery we are told things like:

• You have to go to meetings.

Many of us have spent our lives in addiction avoiding relationship with others Or, it was our drug of choice that permitted us to relate to others. Now alcohol and drug free we are told ‘you are going to have to meet regularly with others and share your shame’

You have to learn and apply the principles of recovery.

Learning for many of us (our school years) were not a happy time. Now when we want to straighten out our lives we are told we not only have to learn but we have to apply what we learn, which involves changing our lives.

You have to trust God and turn your life over too him.

We may have a distorted idea of God and find it difficult to not juust to trust Him but to believe He actuaaly exists.

In John 14:6 Jesus say’s “I am the way the truth and the life” (read this post at

When we enter recovery for thefirst time it is a confusing process, we feel incapable of doing what we need to do to get it right. The ‘Good News’ is there is a ‘way’ forward and that ‘way’ is relationship with God.

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