Taking God’s message to the World!

As many of you are aware one of the things I am trying to establish at the moment is web based ‘recovery discussion’ and I am not afraid to admit it’s difficult, but not impossible. Nothing is impossible with God and I believe strongly what I am doing is God’s thing not mine.

Any way, todays post is on the subject of timing, God’s, not mine. Surprise! Surprise!

Gods recovery comes in His timing, not ours: In Genesis 15:16 and 46:3-4 God promised to bring the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. The people waited a long time for that promis to be fulfilled, but God rescued them when He knew the time was right. Hr also knows the best time to act in our lives, He hasn’t forgotten any of us. So if you are going through a hard time right now do not despair, God has not deserted you.

God’s timing requires we practice trust: Remember Jesus was thirty years okd when He began His ministry. It seems increddible that, knowing who He was and His mission He was peatient enough to wait for God’s timing. He trusted completely that God knew what He was doing and so should we.

God’s timing is perfect: Romans 5:6 says “When we were totally helpless, with mo way of escape, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners who had no use for Him” (TLB)

In my addiction I was weak and helpless because I felt I could do nothing to escape my addiction. I tried numerous times and failed so I thought I was destined to drink and mess up forever and one day die in an accident or be killed by someone else because of the life-style I led. But God intervened in my life at exactly the right time, according to His schedule, not mine. He controls history, timing, methods and results nd He controls me. Praise God!

we are commanded in the Great Commission to take the message to all nations. The way we do it needs to be in God’s timing, using God’s methods, we need to be obedient and do what God wants us to do and leave the results to Him.

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