What do you want?

We come to recovery with a list of what we want to achieve as a result of it. As we grow in faith our list changes and we realise that what we wanted was things that would make us comfortable, things that would make us feel good. Our priorities change in recovery. I remember when I started attending the Salvation Army meeting a lot of happy people. Happy because of their faith in God and fellowship with each other. I decided there and then what I wanted was to ‘be happy’.

John Calvin says “Complete happiness is knowing God”

I decided happiness was what I wanted and I heard people talking about, finding God’s purpose will make you happy. So I asked the questions ‘if God has a purpose for me, why am I so unfulfilled? What is His purpose for me? If I look back on my life, when was the last time I was truly happy? What do I need to do to accomplish God’s will in my life?” Taking a hard look at my life I realised happiness was much more than a feeling. Happiness was about hope, joy and being free from the things that had restricted my relationship with God in the past. So I set out to find happiness by consciously making a decision to get to know God! You can too…..

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