God is still on the throne – remember it!

The words of the song below ring in my ears as I sit tonight to consider my day and all it’s business. Do you ever have a day when you ask God “Is this still where you want me” I was having a day liken that this morning. I woke up late, got to work and felt overwhelmed by some of the tasks I had in front of me. So I stopped and asked God this question.

Here’s what happened:

  1. Whilst on my way to an appointment I met a client I worked with rather intensely last year. Who told me how well he was doing. He was now happy in long-term accommodation working, studying His Bible and felt that now was the time in his life to start and attend ‘Recovery Church’ at 614.
  2.  I received a call from a colleague about a new client who had just presented and could I assist  them with accommodation and case management.
  3. I met a couple I also worked with last year. Who are mow in a far better place than when I first engaged them.
  4. In a case meeting about a client who has gone missing over the weekend after a drug overdose, his partner asked me to find him. I left the meeting and prayed, called a couple of people I know. The result I am meeting him tomorrow morning to discuss how I can assist him going forward.

A number of other God interventions occurred today, but I think you got the picture and the reason the song below is ringing in my ears.

I’m so glad that Jesus lifts me! Daily, in all areas of my life….

Don’t assume that God’s dismissed you from his mind,
Don’t assume that God’s forgotten to be kind;
For no matter what you do, his love still follows you;
Don’t think that you have left him far behind.

For his love remains the same,
He knows you by your name,
Don’t think because you failed him he despairs;
For he gives to those who ask
His grace for every task,
God plans for you in love for he still cares.

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