Some of us can’t celebrate life because we worry so much and make ourselves miserable.

Listen to the list: “How am I going to pay for all this stuff I have?”; “How am I going to get everything done?” or even little things like, “How am I going to find a parking space at the mall?” The worry list varies from person to person but is never-the-less real.

The Greek word for worry is actually two words “merizo and nous” which means to “divide the mind.”

The English word is based on an old Anglo Saxon word which means to choke or to strangle. The combined meanings let us know that worrying can divide our thinking and choke and strangle our spirit. Excessive worry keeps us frustrated, divided and choked up. It would be better to trust God for a change.

Don’t worry about finding a parking space, get in the car and go and trust God to show you where a space will open up at the mall and in life!

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