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More on Approval

Many stories in the Bible indicate that evil and earthly success can go hand in hand. Many people today think wealth, popularity or lack of suffering are an indication of God’s blessing. Success doesn’t indicate God’s approval. (Read 2 Kings 14:23-29). In our lives we must not allow personal success to become our measuring rod of whether or not we are pleasing God.

It is easy for us to also to mistake God’s patience as His approval of our wrong way of living. It can be difficult for us to expose our bad conduct and admit to God our need of change. Constant communication with God will point us to our sin in order that we might repent of them and ask God for His forgiveness. It is easier to be amazed by God’s patience with others than it is to be humbled with His patience with us.

When many people approve of us, we feel good. But, it’s important when feeling good to stay focused on God and His purpose. Not to allow feeling good to cloud our decision making. Put your trust in God, not in others. Live to please Him.

If God approves of who you are and what you do but others don’t. Do it anyway. Contentment comes from seeking God’s will and applying it to your daily living.

Shine your light, speak your truth, Lead the way so I can follow you, Shine your Light, speak your truth, Lead the way so I can follow you

These words from the Paul Colman Trio are a prayer I use regularly in my daily life. I want to know Jesus more and more each day, to know His truth in and for my life and i want to follow where he leads me. To boldly Go where God directs, regardless of the approval of others.

Does this mean I don’t care what others think or say, take advice from those more mature in faith than I am. NO! but it does mean if God confirms a direction in  y life that is where I am going!

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