Thank You Robert Colman

Enjoyed the ‘Father’s Day’ service
@ BSBC this morning

Really enjoyed the message this morning. Thank you Pastor Robert for giving us something to think about in carrying out our roles as Godly Dad’s

from the handout:

Being a Godly Dad

  1. Love Unconditionally
  2. Listen attentively
  3. Love their mpther wife openly
  4. Practice what you preach
  5. Lead and discipline in love.
  6. Pray with and for your children
  7. Be guided by God’s  Wrod

Depend on God

Always love them!

Devote your time!

Kid’s spell love T-I-M-E

Father’s also received a handout

I am not going to share my answers but here are the questions

  1. In what ways have you become like your father?
    In what ways are you different?
  2. describe the heritage your father passed on to you, using no more than five words. To what extent are you repeating the things your father instilled?
  3. No Dad is perfect. If you were hurt by your father, is it time to forgive and move on, to break the cycle of past mistakes? If he is still alive tell him you love him and give him a big hug! If he is dead tell your heart to forgive him   – then move on!
  4. Do you need to apologide to your dad?



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