Who let the dogs out?

A few years ago every one asking “Who let the dogs out?” Did you hear that song?

A group of Bahamian natives, using a West African-inspired rhythm as the basis of their music, produced a record that stormed the world. It was an apparent response to a news item that was covered heavily in the Southern region of the U.S. about a pair of poodles that were stolen. The headlines daily were filled with the story of the stolen dogs and the headlines asked, ”Who lets the dogs out.” In Indianapolis, a high school marching band made up the little song to promote its school mascot which was the bull dog. The song asked, “Who let the dogs out?” –The Baha Men, with two of its members from Indiana, seized the idea, made it into a song and the rest is history.

Who let the dogs out? That question is asked in commercials, political circles, and even in churches. Our national language is sprinkled with references to dogs. When we think it’s better to leave a subject alone rather than stir controversy, we say, “Let sleeping dogs lie.” When we see someone taking life easy and relaxed we say they are living a “dog’s life.” The ruthless competition of modern society is described as a, “Dog eat dog.” A person who keeps others from using something he does not use himself is a “dog in the manager.” A person who goes from something worthwhile to a low estate is described as “Going to the dogs.”

Sometimes the world treats us like a dogged out dog, but we don’t have to feel bad about it; why? Because no matter how the world treats us, God loves us and treats us like sons and daughters.

Today, keep this in mind; God loves you not matter what you come up against.

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