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Hearing from God

I don’t usually do this but today I am going to. One of the things that really annoys me in my recovery is: when I am going well everyone wants to take the glory for helping me recover but when I am not going so well everyone wants to point the finger at someone else as being the reason I am where I am. Don’t know why I thought of that today but I did.

A number of years ago a minister came to me and said “God told me He wants you to do this” to which I responded ok let’s meet for a coffee and discuss it. We did and in our meeting I asked the minister “how did you hear from God He wanted me to do this?” He responded by saying God had asked him to do this particular thing and in their discussion God asked him who He could get to help him. My name was the first one to come to his mind. I then asked him did he mind if I waited till God told me because normally I’m my Christian walk God is pretty direct in the things He wants me to do. God didn’t and I didn’t.

My advice to others is: if someone else tells you God wants you to ?????. Wait until God confirms it with you. If He wants you there He will and if He doesn’t don’t feel bad about saying NO!

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