It is important to express gratitude

When we reject God and His plan for our lives we live in spiritual darkness. When we come to our senses and ask God for His forgiveness and deliverance he helps us escape the darkness and shines His light through us.

1. We should always express gratitude to God for His Grace
     Praise and gratitude should be a regular part of our daily routine
and not reserved just for Sundays. If we are walking daily with God
and He continually helps us then the result should be continual praise.

2. In gratitude we should thank God for:
– what He has done in our lives.
– the privilege of sharing it with others.
– the Glory that is evident in us as a result of relationship with Him.

The result of our gratitude should be willingness to offer our gifts, time and resources to God for use in the expansion of His Kingdom.

3. Gratitude should be a major ingredient in all our relationships.
Thanks should be on our lips everyday. We can never say it enough to our
parents, friends, leaders and to God. When gratitude becomes an integral part
of our lives we find our attitude towards life changes. We become more positive,
gracious, loving and humble.

One of the first indications of rejecting God is forgetting to thank Him. Instead of
looking to Him as our Creator and Sustainer we see ourselves as the centre of the
universe and soon invent ‘gods’ that are convenient projections of our own selfish plans.  Is there anything in my life I give greater priority than God? Do Ishow gratitude and praise to God on a daily basis?

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