11 Days till Christmas

By now most of us will have decided where we will be on Christmas day and who we will be with. For most of us it will be members of our family.Today I thought what about those who have no family? And began looking up the meaning of family in the dictionary. It says ” a primary social group – people descended from common ancestors – a collective of things sharing the same attributes – a social unit living together – an association of people who share common beliefs and activities – a person having kinship with another or others” Based on these meanings we all have a family unit in which we can join this Christmas. For many of us it has previously been a painful time. But now is the the time! This is the year! to change that.  Matthew 12:50 says “Anyone who obeys my Father in Heaven is my brother, sister and mother!” In this verse Jesus is pointing out our spiritual relationships are as binding as our physical ones. He has paved the way for a new community – OUR SPIRITUAL FAMILY..


Mark 3:25 A family that is divided cannot continue.

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