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Beating Blame

I always find it easier to see fault in others than I do to see my own weaknesses. Even in my addiction it was easier to blame family, friends or my circumstances. I liked to justify my behaviour blaming being in the wrong relationship, the wrong job or the wrong place at the wrong time. Even when I was at my worst I believed “it wasn’t my fault”. The first thing I had to do when I came to recovery was recognise my weakness and take responsibility for my mistakes.

Today God helps me not to dwell on the shortcomings of others. He reminds me I have been forgiven much and now must be forgiving towards others. His forgiveness in my life allows me to see myself as I truly am – no better and no worse than anyone else. I no longer spend time taking the inventory of others or blame them for the mistakes I have made and make as I do my best to walk with God daily.

How about you?

John 8:7 “let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”

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