Who knows the Way?

Have you ever been lost? Started out on a journey, thinking you knew the way to discover half way there you are lost.

A common experience that most of us have been through. It is not a good feeling when it happens, we feel vulnerable and powerless as we travel into the unknown.

Addiction brings us to a place where we feel lost and out of touch with familiar things and people.

One of the best things about recovery is someone has gone ahead of us to show us he way. In spite of this we still sometimes get lost. We take our eyes off the road, start to look at others and want to follow them. We forget the pain from our old way if living and romance about the ‘good times’. Without realising it we end up lost.

John prepared the way for the coming of Christ and Jesus has prepared the way for us: we don’t need to get lost.

Luke 7:27 ‘I am sending my messenger ahead of you, and he will prepare your way before you. ’

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