Outreach tonight

Tonight I am again out on the streets of Melbourne on The Salvation Army’s ‘street Outreach Van’ and I need to say what a privilege it is. I love my job, not as a job but as a God-given-Mission to reach out to others. And yes, before I go I pray. Pray that I will do what God wants, not what Archie wants.

Everyday in all sorts of situations we all have opportunity to share God’s love with those we come in contact with. The sad fact is we don’t always take the opportunities or if we do what we sometimes share is our agenda not God’s.

Today I wish to encourage everyone. Whatever you are doing, where ever you are, who ever you are with. Take time to pause and talk to God. The move forward and reach out to others in His name.

Psalm 119:48 I reach out for your commands, which I love,  that I may meditate on your decrees

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