Learn to thank Him and trust Him

It is normal to welcome good news. Only abnormal, mentally unbalanced people fail to be affected by something good that is announced or addressed in personal terms.

God could not have offered anything more or exciting or far-reaching than when He announced His personal desire to “put a new spirit in them”. What a great gesture, a marvellous plan. With all the misery associated with our past lives, why do some of us still refuse His precious provision? God has taken the initiative – the offer still stands! Now, if it is to be – then it is up to me!

We cannot set the change in motion that is a prerequisite for the wonder-working change God will invoke while we are wrapped up in a notion of ‘self above all else’. We must will to have God’s will fulfilled in us.

Learn to thank Him and trust Him in all things…..

Ezekiel 11:19 I will put a new spirit in them. I will take away that heart of stone, and I will put a real heart in its place

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