Face up and fess up

One drunk man says to another drunk man “You still have a job, wife, a car, you are still functioning” “You don’t drink alone, drink anymore than the rest of us”. “You don’t have a drinking problem”.

There is a battle going on in the minds of users everywhere. A battle of denial of rationalization of how we use, when we use, where we use. A battle of character.

God is aware of our battle and He wants to help us change our character by showing us how to adapt His character in our daily living.

He wants our actions to mirror His actions. To demonstrate to all people the ‘Good Works’ He is doing in and through us

Psalm 113:7-8 He (God) lifts the poor out of the dirt and rescues beggars from the garbage dump. He puts them in important positions, giving them a place among the leaders of his people.

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