Beginning Recovery – SLOWLY

Now in the ‘William Booth Men’s Hostel’. No family, no friends and no finances I realised I had to do something drastic.

I befriended a couple of people in the hostel. Men like me. Who became my drinking partners. As I was low on finances I began working as a volunteer in the kitchen at Whitmore Square.

A Salvation Army officer noted my behaviour and offered to pray for me, to which I agreed. Not only did he pray for me but he also laid hands on me as he prayed. I didn’t know it at the time but I believe today the funny feeling I felt inside was the power of the Holy Spirit taking hold of my life.

I continued drinking however and one night the police picked me up in the City of Adelaide, where drunk I had been mugged and lost my wallet. The police took me to the detox centre attached to the Men’s Hostel. After being processed for entry to detox I went to the alley at the back to have a cigarette, jumped the fence and went back out drinking with some guys in the park at Whitmore Square. At some early hour in the morning I returned to detox and to my surprise they let me in.

I spent a few days in detox, considering my options, knowing I had to do something. Eventually deciding I would like to go on ‘The Bridge Program’ at Eden Park in Wistow.

I was interviewed by a Counsellor for the program, who told me I couldn’t go because I had the wrong attitude. To my fortune I spoke then to the Salvation Army Officer, just appointed to Whitmore Square from W.A., whom I had met numerous times in W.A. at the Salvation Army in Wright St. He arranged for me to go to Eden Park on the bus that day.

My recovery had begun.

Proverbs 16:2 People think that whatever they do is right, but the LORD judges their reason for doing it.

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