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A new life began

2 Corinthians 5:17 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Having heard God, knowing that He had my back, even though I didn’t really know Him I began to change. I had the feeling that, no matter what happened, good or bad I was going to be okay. My addiction had been cured.

So I sat in earnest prayer with a pen and a piece of paper and wrote, with God’s help a five year plan for my future.

It included all areas of my life. At the same time a ‘Spiritual Campaign was conducted at Eden Park by a visiting Salvation Army Officer, attendance at which was compulsory. So I went along, still battling with God about complete surrender to Him.

At the end of a Chapel service, during the spiritual campaign I found myself (with no intention of going there) kneeling before the cross at the front of the Chapel. I knelt broken, lost, scared and ashamed and I prayed for God’s forgiveness and indwelling in my life.

After I prayed I stood and I physically felt the Holy Spirit enter my body at my head and move all the way to my feet. I knew I was now a Christian and Jesus Christ was now my Saviour and Lord.

After the meeting people came to me, prayed with me and advised me to stay close to Jesus because the devil wanted me back.

About that time a young lady cane to Eden Park to visit a couple of the officers there and God told me “she’s the one”. I never knew her and I never knew how but I knew then at some point in my spiritual walk she and I would become husband and wife (it was in the plan)

I began attending Bible Study after that day,completing the ‘Navigators’ series whilst on the program. I also started doing, Salvation Army Recruitment classes for Soldiership (also in the plan). I finished my designated time on the Bridge Program and requested an extension to further my spiritual knowledge, which was granted. I also commenced at that time carrying out volunteer duties at Eden Park. Eventually reaching a day when I felt it was time to move on.

I remember it was a Tuesday. On the Wednesday the young lady was due, with a group from her Corps (Church) to do the chapel service and my counselor saying to me “Why don’t you stay another week?”. To which U replied no need God has it all planned.

So I left the ‘Bridge Program’, moving to a Salvation Army Residential Services house in Thebarton.

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