Thought for Today – Archie Boyle

Preparing for Thursday night’s ‘Celebrate Recovery’ in Melbourne I was looking for a folder to put my notes in. I found one in which was a copy of a lesson I delivered on 3.2.2011 on the subject of POWERLESSNESS.

It was headed:

Powerlessness is not uselessness and the ‘Good News’ is the opposite of powerlessness is strength.

It is by the Spirit of God the I drive out demons, the Kingdom has come upon you. Matthew 12:28

The questions I asked the group on that night were:

Do you understand that following your own agenda will not lead to lasting, purposeful recovery?

Do you believe that God can and will help you recover?

Are you willing to go to any length to let Him?

My thought for today is I have so many pieces of paper around my home with recovery teaching on them. It might be time to go through them.

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