Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

Great song by the ‘Corries’ but that’s not what my post is about.

I normally don’t remember what I dream about. But last night’s dream I believe was a Holy Spirit filled revelation.

I was in a room talking to Pastor Rick Warren (I’ve never met the man, but love his work) Talking about ministry. At the end of the meeting he got up, thanked me and left. Only to return and ask me. “Why do you believe what you believe?” to which I replied “I believe that God can and will change the lives of the addicted and afflicted if they would only ask Him too.”

Analyzing the dream when I woke up I contemplated all sorts of scenario’s about why it occurred. I’m not sure any of them were right. But what I am sure of from the dream is this:

God wants each of us to ask Him to do the impossible in and through us. So that He can prove to us and to this lost world we live in He is all loving, all powerful and all caring and He wants us to love Him and others with some of the unending love He has installed in us all through the process we call RECOVERY.

Ecclesiastes 5:3 A dream comes when there are many cares.


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