Go for the worst

Last night as I lay down to sleep I was challenged by the Holy Spirit to ‘Go for the Worst!’.

William Booth put a challenge to the soldiers of the Salvation Army to go for souls and go for the worst. In my experience we always consider ‘the worst’ to be the homeless, addicted and afflicted.

Today I want to challenge Christians of all denominations to ‘Stand Up for Jesus, and realize Bill Booth’s Commission to go for the worst included everyone who is caught up in the black hole of sin.

Because you have a job, a family, nice house and a car doesn’t automatically make you any better than anyone else.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says alcohol is ‘cunning, baffling and powerful’ So is sin and the only remedy for ‘overcoming our sinful nature’ is through the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

Today people join with me and make a commitment to God to ‘GO FOR THE WORSt’ and share the Love of Christ with them.


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