“I am entirely READY to have God remove all my defects of character.”

Tomorrow night at Celebrate Recovery Melbourne 614 we are looking at Lesson 14 – Ready and Step 6 “I am entirely READY to have God remove all my defects of character.”

Preparing for this lesson brought many things into my mind and heart as I remembered my own experience of being ready to live as God wanted not as Archie wanted. Some of the things I had to change were:

  1. My Behaviour: readiness to allow God to change me required genuine faith (spelt RISK) This required me to do things differently. To learn to act to circumstances in my life rather than react to them.
  2. My Beliefs: believing God’s Word leads to obedience of God’s Word.  I had to consciously and deliberately set aside time to get to know God’s Word to be able to believe it.
  3. My Expectations: I had to learn that faith is a mind-set that expects God to do what He promises to do, and to learn to live my life expecting God to do positive things in my life.
  4. My Character Defects: I had to understand that God judges by faith and character and if I wanted to live a life worthy of His approval I had to steps to deal with the defects in me that prevented me from coming honestly to God on a daily basis.

These are just some of the things I had to deal with as I became ‘entirely ready’ to have God change me. If yo want to know more and can make it come along and join us tomorrow night – 7:00pm @ 69 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

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