Stress in or lives can be a strength

The signposts of God are clear and point out the right road.Psalm 19:7

If we believe all we hear, then this age is one of people under greater stress than any other. Never before have there been so many seminars, conferences, discussions, talks,
newspaper articles, books, pills and drugs to try and deal with the problem of stress.
Yet the problem still seems to grow.

Like so many others in the world it is easy for us to join the crowd and accept we are doomed
to just endure the symptoms of stress in or lives. To roll with the punches.

But stress in or lives can be a strength. The signposts of God are clear and pint out the sight road. So, when we are experiencing the symptoms of stress it generally means something in or lives is unbalanced and we need to make some changes.
The consequences of simply enduring strength is it will eventually lead to SIN.

Compliance with God’s lawful requirements can be or strength. We read in the Bible many stories of people called to suffer much. All of them resting in God’s relaxing will as they did. Allowing His will to help them to find peace and tranquility in their suffering.

They had the strength to overcome stress. So can we!!

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