Do You Remember?

Hi today I want to share with you a little game I play, infrequently with the Holy Spirit. That’s right the Holy Spirit likes to play games.. The game is called ‘Do you Remember?’ It’s a game where the Holy Spirit reminds me of certain thing along my spiritual walk. This game was prompted by me finding my Salvation Army Song book. Given to me by Captain’s Paul and Ruth Such in the day I made a commitment to be ‘God’s Soldier’ 

The message at the front is a personal message from the Such’s  wishing me God’s blessings for my future and encouragement to grow in faith and strength. The book was given to me on 29.10.1989.

Anyway, last night at ‘Recovery at Melbourne 614′ whilst looking at Step One we somehow got talking about life changing choice. How we got to that subject when discussing step one? Holy Spirit intervention…

So today the Holy Spirit decided He wanted to play ‘Do you Remember’ And He asked me the question ‘Do you remember this song?” Song 244 in the Salvation Army Song Book “If you want it, it’s yours!” This song was the song we were singing at a Spiritual Retreat. Led by Brigadier Dennis Gudgen, on the Bridge Program at Eden Park in Mount Barker, where I decided to follow Jesus. Struggling with my pride after having a personal meeting with Jesus Christ at the side of my bed on the Bridge Program, as we sang the third verse of this song:

Is your mind mixed up and are your thoughts in turmoil? Are you tired of fighting, are you sick of wars? Would you like some peace instead of inner conflict? If you want it – it’s yours. (God’s personal invitation to Archie Boyle)

I found myself kneeling at the mercy seat, experiencing the joy that comes from personal relationship with Jesus and from that day to this I know ‘I’ve been changed’

Why do i love playing this game with the Holy Spirit? Not just because it reminds me of His involvement in my life but because it also reminds me of many fantastic people, events and opportunities I have been given in my spiritual walk simply by saying YES! to Him…..

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