Excuse My Rant

This morning as I mowed my lawn at home my thoughts traveled to a different time. A time when as a Soldier in The Salvation Army, the State Manager of Family Stores in South Australia then Transport Manager of Family Stores for the Australian Southern Territory I was always guaranteed a platform one day a year (‘Social Services Sunday’) It always amazed me that one day a year the whole Territory focused on Social Services, yet for the resat of the year we were seen as the poor little brother. It also used to amaze me that during ‘Open Air Meetings’ I was always requested to share ‘My Story’ of God;s Saving Grace in my recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

Now, before everyone gets up in arms let me clarify one thing. “I LOVE THE SALVATION ARMY” and thank God for them everyday. One of the most influential influences in my spiritual walk (I’ve read all the books, studied the History of The Salvation Army) is The Founder, William Booth. Through His example of obedience to God I have been inspired and provoked to do a number of things through my spiritual involvement in The Army, other Churches and other ventures God has led me too.

Another influential influence on my life was Major John Henderson, possibly the best speaker of God’s Word I have ever heard (yet He was and chose to be a Social Officer of The Salvation Army) I have heard many a person say “I wish He was my Corps officer”

You are all probably saying at the moment “What is this post about?”

Here it is:

I asked a High Ranking Salvation Army recently. “If I decided I wanted to join The Salvation Army what would I have to do?”(I asked out of curiosity, God is not leading me  in that direction at this point in time.) “And they replied “You would have to do recruitment  because The Army has changed.”  Which led me to ask The Holy Spirit – How has The Salvation Army changed and – why did The Salvation Army Change?

The Salvation Army I joined at the end of The Bridge Program in 1989, at the Mount Barker Corps in South Australia was a powerful weapon of change. A voice to be listened to and responded to. So why did it change? And also as someone who has lived ‘The Articles of War’, has led others in recruitment classes and been involved in numerous leadership positions within The Salvation Army would I need to take recruitment classes to tell me about The Salvation Army I know and love with a passion.


Is The Salvation Army still about Saving Souls, being different and making a difference or is it about looking right in the eyes of the world?

With Christ as my witness, I speak with utter truthfulness. My conscience and the Holy Spirit confirm it. Romans 9:1

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