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Consider the gift not the wrapping

How much attention do you pay to wrapping paper?

As we hurry to get gifts for those we love during this Christmas season many people will spend considerable time wrapping their gifts.

They spend precious moments selecting the right colored paper. They ponder a selection of ribbons and bows that will suggest the importance and value of the contents.

Fine wrapping usually means a fine gift. Poorly wrapped packages usually suggest that the giver was thoughtless at the least and the gift may be shabby at best. Therefore our eyes stretch and our imaginations soar as we open gifts that are beautifully wrapped.

Beautiful wrappings don’t always indicate what’s inside.

As we prepare to give gifts to friends and loved ones this year lets be sure that we give from the heart in a spirit of love.

When we give from the heart, it won’t matter too much about the wrapping, ribbons or bows. What will matter is the thought that is exchanged.

This Christmas thank God for giving us the baby Jesus. He was a big gift of hope, joy, love and salvation all in one package. Though he was wrapped in swaddling clothes under the shabbiest of circumstances he proved to be a big gift despite his humble and plain wrapping.

Today, keep it simple: Like a plainly wrapped gift; don’t try to impress just let go and let God live through you.

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