2015 – Day 16

HALT Luke 6:21 What happiness there is for you who are now hungry, for you are going to be satisfied!

We come to recovery looking for satisfaction! The opportunity to redress or right a wrong, the state of being contentment, an act of fulfillment; gratification.

We come to recovery to be happy: In John 6:28-29 when the disciples asked Jesus “what can we do to satisfy God” He answered Throw your lot in with the One that God has sent. That kind of a commitment gets you in.”

Real, lasting satisfaction can only be found in God: As we grow in recovery and follow ‘His guidelines for living’ (the Bible) He encourages us to enjoy life, take it each day as a gift from Him, thank Him and serve Him in everything we do and say. Without Him there is no relief from our addictions and compulsions and no real direction to guide us through the process of recovery.

Prayer: Just for today I will follow God’s guidelines for living, Live life one-day at a time as a gift from Him and be encouraged by Hiis involvement in my life as I go through the process of recovery.

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