2015–Day 52

STEP 1: We admitted that we were powerless over our dependencies—that our lives had become unmanageable.

“I know that nothing good lives in me. . . . I want to do what is right, but I can’t”
Romans 7:18

We are not alone in this struggle – it is part of being human. We must not become discouraged. Instead we must use our failures to encourage us to change and get on with recovery.

Preparing for B-together LifeRecovery@Crossway has me reading the Life Recovery Devotional on Step 1 and Day 24 as the next meeting is on the 24th February. The Bible Reading is: Ecclesiastes 3:15-4:3.

As I read it, meditated on it and conversed with the Holy Spirit on it one of the verses that highlighted to me was verse 4:3 which says “most fortunate of all are those who are not yet born.” This verse screams at me about our responsibility in recovery for those who are yet to come. Who may know little of recovery and even less of God.  What a privilege we have when God introduces us to someone fresh to the recovery road and says to us “now teach them what I have taught you.” Thank You Lord!

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