Thank You!

The past couple of days I have had opportunity to share with two of my four siblings and remember together some of the experiences we went through growing up. All I want to say is thank you bro’s and thank You God. When I remember the big picture of my life it’s not hard to understand Who has been looking after me all my life.

From the Bible: It wasn’t so long ago that we ourselves were stupid and stubborn, dupes of sin, ordered every which way by our glands, going around with a chip on our shoulder, hated and hating back. But when God, our kind and loving Saviour God, stepped in, he saved us from all that. It was all his doing; we had nothing to do with it. He gave us a good bath, and we came out of it new people, washed inside and out by the Holy Spirit. Titus 3:3-5

No matter how terrible our past, God is willing to forgive us and transform us. He doesn’t expect us to do it alone, He knows how hard it is. When we give control to Him He gives us the power and direction we need to build a new life..

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