September 2, 2015

Hebrews 6.18-19

For a large portion of my drinking years I spent a lot of time ‘RUNNING AWAY’ I destroyed relationships. jobs, accommodation opportunities, my reputation, my credibility, my integrity all to accommodate my addiction to alcohol and abuse of other drugs.I blamed everyone else and my circumstances for me being the way I was. I don’t remember ever directly blaming God but I did believe in my drinking days He was not for me because belonging to Him had too many strings attached. A life changing encounter with the Lord changed all that and opened for me the gateway to Glory. He showed me how to change, how to stop allowing my addiction to dominate the direction of my life and how to stand up and take responsibility for my mistakes. Through a promise to me in which He said to me “You do not have to live like this anymore. Follow Me and I will lead you.” I put my life in His hands and the result has been phenomenal

In today’s scripture it says .‘GOD CAN’T BREAK HIS WORD.” On that day He gave me His Word and I am living proof He doesn’t break His word and because of that I am hanging onto his promise to me with both hands each and every day of my life.


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