September 8, 2015

John 3.36

Half-heartedness in applying ourselves to the recovery principles or in our attitude towards the saving grace of Christ is likely to leave us feeling lost and incomplete. Afraid of being left without the security of our drug of choice, yet wanting so desperately sobriety and serenity is not a comfortable place to be. One foot placed on the side of those who have recovered and have made a conscious decision never to return to their old ways and one foot with those who have not quite decided yet that abstinence is the right road to follow, It’s like wanting the best of both worlds, to abstain when you want to and to mix in your old habits and haunts when you feel the need.

It is difficult to applaud the recovery of those who easily back-down. Recruitment of sinners to the same old style of living is not and option. Salvation that leaves us sinfully the same, though socially acceptable is void and empty, useless and discreditable. Total strength in Godly living is much more attractive.


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