September 14, 2015

Jesus knew their thoughts …… Matthew 12:25

The saying ‘the thought is father to the act.’ is worth repeating.  Proverbs 23:7 says   …. as a man thinks in his heart, so is he


It is impossible to read unwholesome literature without it leaving an imprint on your mind. DVD’s and television can feed us rubbish and rottenness. In turning aside from addiction we must take strides towards reaching new standards of decency, conduct and thinking. Part of our downfall can be attributed to unwise thinking and becoming victim to lowering standards.


Exposure to something better is now a requirement if we want recovery to be effective. We have plenty of good influences available to us. We need to learn to have open, honest conversations with those able to speak sensibly about addiction. We need to refuse to make fun of negative talk about moral issues or spiritual things. To be driven to the gutter language by foolish talk. To be strong in resisting temptation towards indecency.

Choose the movies you watch carefully, select only helpful books to read. Start reading Christian recovery focused literature. Start associating with good people. Work the steps and recovery principles into your daily living. Learn to use your leisure hours constructively. The Genesis record of the Bible shows us a God who created, communicated, rested and related. These are our guidelines for living today. Give your life to living God’s way, build it on Bible foundations; learn creativity, become communicative, observe proper rest periods and be selective about relationships.


Introduce me Lord to better and beautiful things that You want me to enjoy. Wean me from the sinister, sticky and sinful in Jesus name.

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