Recovery Thought #284

This is the real and eternal life: That they know you. The one and only true God, And Jesus Christ, whom you sent. John 17:3

How do we get eternal life? Jesus tells us clearly here – by knowing God through His Son .When we ‘Turn our wills and lives over to the care of God.’ we commence personal relationship with Him, Personal relationship with Him is essential to eternal life,

When we ‘Make a searching fearless moral inventory.’  ‘Admit to God and to another human being.’ ‘Become ready to let God remove our defects of character’ and ‘Humbly ask him to’ When we take responsibility for ourpast mistakes ‘Make amends’ and then goi on to seek God’s will for our lives and live daily in relationship with Him, so He can use us to introduce others to Him the love of Christ lives in us through daily inteaction with the Holy Spirit.

– That’s Recovery

Believing that God is God, Jesus His Son, who came to die for ,e amd repentance – That is how we get eternal life…..

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