Bad Choices Lead to Separation from Jesus

Ephesians 5.11

An expert in the field of addiction said ‘People are not addicted to drugs; they are addicted to escapism.” This suggests that drug abuse is an undisciplined trip away from reality, not to something good but to something different. Escapism, is a spiritual problem. A lady chasing a mouse around her kitchen noticed one thing about the mouse – it had one goal ‘to find a hole and to disappear into it.’

In Acts, Chapter 13 v10 “You are full of dirty tricks and schemes, you son of the devil! You hate everything that has God’s approval. Quit trying to distort the truth about the way the Lord wants people to live.” Directed at a man of nasty character, but no worse than most of his neighbours, associates and friends. No worse than many of us (sinners) for whom Jesus came to reconcile to God

“How will we escape punishment if we reject the important message, the message that God saved us?” Hebrews 3:3 An invitation for us to rethink our lives and allow God, as it says in Step 2 “to restore us to sanity.” and embrace His gift of Salvation.

Help me Lord to believe that You can restore me to sanity so I can embrace your gift of salvation.

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