Self-confident individuals settle for what they have and what they are

The Lord is great and worthy of praise. He is more awesome than any of the “gods.” Psalm 96:4

What an inspiring message for anyone who believes in God. He dares us  to trust Him for the future. For today He appeals to us for confidence building commitment. None of us are beyond His reach, nor are we too bad for him to help us. If we decline His offer of help to us, to allow us Him to change us and make us whole we deny ourselves the privilege of know Him
completely. Seeking after Him can have a dangerous impact on us, because it is sure to impact on our whole life. We risk being turned inside-out.

Self-confident individuals settle for what they have and what they are, they feel little need for an interfering God. It is those of us who have suffered, mishaps. Failures, hurt and
soul-shattering decline, who are driven to our knees. We want change and care. Continued struggling is too risky for us.Divine intervention is needed.

Does anyone really manage everything, forever without God’s help? We all need Him. The Bible tells us “if we seek Him, we will find Him” He is Great and worthy of our praise. “Our God is and awesome God.” And Personal relationship with Him can be
utterly fulfilling and life-changing.

Awesome God, put within my heart desire for You, so that I seek  Increasingly after You.

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