Beware if it is wrong, it is all wrong.

“………. I am the Lord. It was my law that you broke. You did not obey my commands. You decided to live like the nations around you.” Ezekiel 11:12

Addiction thrusts in nasty tentacles with poisonous effects. We do not recognize the damage and the danger until our life is infected with it, or of how morally destructive it is. For the addict there is no such thing as a harmless flutter, drink, drug etc. Beware if it is wrong, it is all wrong.

Denial comes when we do not anticipate its effects on us. We need to be aware of our own triggers and breaking points and not become complacent in the process of recovery. Our lives need to become centered in God’s law and we need to learn obedience to it. If we fail, we must remember that Jesus can use those who recognize their failure. From our humiliating experiences we can learn a lot that will help us as we move forward daily with Him.


Lord, I need firm conviction about the things that are wrong for me. Help me to disassociate myself with them and keep my life centered on You.

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