He is the greatest, He is beyond compare, He is God

Praise the LORD! Give thanks to the LORD because he is good! His faithful love will last forever! No one can describe how great the LORD really is. No one can praise him enough. Psalms 106:1-2


The praise that the young heap on so-called superstars these days’ amazes those of us of more mature generations. Descriptive adjectives are thrown around cheaply. Whilst some praise for some who excel in their fields is warranted, it is sheer exaggeration when super-status is given to singers, bands or sporting heroes who fall-short where their character is concerned. To many of our young people get swept away in a world of unreality, by starry eyed worship of over-rated performers. We do not deny some of them have outstanding ability, super-artistry and dedication to their chosen profession. Their dedication an example to some of us who wish to achieve such dedication.

There is another group in society who have cause to be devotees and worship One who can never be praised enough. Jesus Christ is worthy of our highest adulation, appreciation and dedication. There is no word strong enough, good enough, extreme enough to explain, expand and express all that He is, 2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be to God for his gift that is too wonderful to describe. He is the greatest, He is beyond compare, He is God. His power never diminishes. His loving, life-saving personality never weakens or crashes. We want to praise Him more and more each day as He becomes more and more wonderful to us.

Lord, do in my life that for which I can never stop praising You. Become to me all that You really are.

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