Day: 1 January 2016

Come Jesus each and every day..

As we commence a new year I want to say I appreciate your support of this blog and pray that as you read it you may not find it difficult reading. Recovery is a topic I can share about for the rest of my life. I have almost […]

KEEP IT SIMPLE “Don’t load yourselves

KEEP IT SIMPLE “Don’t load yourselves up with equipment.Keep it simple; you are the equipment. And no luxury inns—get a modest place and be content there until you leave. If you’re not welcomed, leave town. Don’t make a scene. Shrug your shoulders and move on.” Luke 9:3-5

New life in Jesus is so far reaching and

New life in Jesus is so far reaching and complete. It is a fresh start for all of us. That doesn’t mean our addictions and compulsions will automatically disappear. It does mean that God forgives us – and we are made new in His sight. Through the power […]

Happy New Year!

Year in year out we have all made resolutions about how we are going to change this year:- The results have usually been the same—we end up falling back into the same old bad habits we promised to stop.. Instead of merely making resolutions this year, we need to admit our […]