We are accountable for an to each other

Bible Reading: Luke 17:1-10

Focus Verse: Luke 17:3 “Be alert. If you see your friend going wrong, correct him. If he responds, forgive him.”

One of the problems I see in recovery is for some people ‘the further away they get from the last binge/session the more critical they become of those still drinking/using.’ The first part of this verse says to ‘be alert’, my experience of people in recovery meetings is we are very alert (to what everyone else is doing) and sometimes too quick to judge.

One of the best things God has given me through my recovery is cliche’s. One comes to mind reading this verse is ‘if you can’t make a difference don’t get involved.’ The next part of this verse says ‘if you see a friend going wrong, correct him.’ It doesn’t say criticize him. We all have a responsibility in recovery to help each other, the same way God has helped us – LOVINGLY.  The last part of the verse says ‘if he responds, forgive him.’ and if he doesn’t do nothing.

I am responsible for my recovery and you are responsible for yours and if I choose to relapse, that is my choice (given to me by God), same for you.


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