Month: February 2016

Let the Sonshine in

Psalms 19:4-5 God made a home in the sky for the sun; it comes out in the morning like a happy bridegroom, like an athlete eager to run a race. Many people have been confined to a small sunshine corner for brief times of warming when all of […]


STEP 7: We humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings You have a list of terrible charges against me. Are you making me suffer for the sins I did when I was young? Job 13:26 Some of the shortcomings we are asking God to remove are long-term bad […]

B-Together Recovery – Made Right

Step 7: WE HUMBLY ASKED GOD TO REMOVE OUR SHORTCOMINGSBible Reading: Romans 3:23-26 Tonight at B-Together Recovery we are beginning a four week series on Step 7. This week our topic is ‘Made Right by God’ Looking at Romans 3, verses 23-26 the Holy Spirit highlighted three things to me. They […]

We are all born weak and helpless

We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. We are all born weak and helpless. All lead the same short, troubled life. We grow and wither as quickly as flowers; we disappear like shadows. Will you even look at me, God, or […]


Bible Reading:- Luke 9:18-23 Luke 9:20 Jesus asked, “And you–what are you saying about me? Who am I?” Peter answered, “The Messiah of God.” C.S. Lewis one-time agnostic who became a Christian wrote – I am trying to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say “I am […]