2016 Day 99

IMG_0661Now, let me ask you something profound yet troubling. If you became believers because you trusted the proclamation that Christ is alive, risen from the dead, how can you let people say that there is no such thing as a resurrection?  1 Corinthians 15:12

If Jesus did not die and rise from the dead we could not have celebrated Easter! Scriptures would be worng and could not be trusted. The Christian Church would be without it’s foundations, and our faith would be empty and void. If Jesus did not conquer sin and death our chance of recovery and transformation futile.

But He did, let Heaven rejoice and the saints shout ‘HALLELUJAH’  – JESUS IS ALIVE! and He is accessible to us. The first fruit of His resurrection  an enabling of our recovery from the depths of doom and despair.

By stepping forth from our addictions and compulsions  we are turned  by a resurrection power that flows through us from the living Lord Jesus Christ.


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