2016 Day 111

I got up this morning and thought “I’ll cook myself some breakfast” After the breakfast was cooked I thought what to do now and God said “Open your Bible” Now I don’t know about anyone else but when God says to me open your Bible, without telling me where to open it I always go to Proverbs. There are thirty-one and you can open the one for whatever day of the month you are on.

So I got my Life Recovery Bible andopened it up at Provebs twenty and verse one said Wine produces mockers; alcohol leads to brawls. Those led astray by drink cannot be wise.” That verse led me to remember times in my past where drinking too much or taking too many drugs has landed me in trouble. It reminded me of times growing up where I thought I was wiser than I was and made the wrong decisions and choices in my life because of it.

I remeber a few years ago I asked my mentor at the time,  Robert Colman, “How do I become as wise as you Robert?”  He seems to know the right answer for everything and he said to me “Keep doing what you are doing until you are 74.” Robert was 74 at the time

Psalms 119:97-98 Lord, I really love your law! All day long I spend time thinking about it. Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, because your commands are always in my heart. Gods Word makes us wise. True wisdom goes beyond gathering knowledge. True wisdom is applying the knowledge we aquire in our lives through our own experiences and the experiences of others, good and bad in accordance to God’s Word and His plan for our lives.

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