2016 Day 113

Working together with Him, we also appeal to you, “Don’t receive God’s grace in vain.” Corinthians 6:1

God’s grace was my only hope. Alone in a rehabilition far from home in 1989 I knew I had messed up. I knew I had let myself, people and God down and I needed to get serious about changing my life. So I did the only thing I had failed to do in my life, I prayed to God and he answered me. From that day to this day I have been “Working together with Him.”  Continally in communication with Him, listeming to Him, trusting Him and following Him.

Today I “also appeal to you” God does not put a limit on the number of times we can come to Him. So if you have never gond to Him or if you have and then turned your back on Him and gone back yo your old ways. I appeal to you today to come to Him and “receive God’s grace.”

Nehemiiah 9:31 says “You are a God of grace and compassion.” and He is waiting for you to come to Him. Take the firts step of faith today and turn to Him for help with whatever you are going through.

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