2016 Day 116

Bible_leatherOn Saturday afternoon I was looking for a specific book in my many books collection. I couldn’t find it. What I did find was an NIV- ‘SERENITY’ A Companion for Twelve Step Recovery. I haven’t seen one or read one for years.

The one I had found was prebiously owned by Major John Henderson, given to me by Major Lillian Henderson after John’s death. What made it so special for me was that inside of it their were some hand written sermon notes written by Major Henderson, I can remember him using that particular Bible at ‘Bridge Program’ and ‘Family Store’ functions. As I read the notes I could hear John Henderson sharing them with me and I thank God today for Major John Henderson.

It was he who recruited me to The Salvation Army Family Stores staff in Adelaide, it was he who mentored me for so many years as I grew in recovery and faith. It is because of Major John Henderson I am the man I am today and I am truly blessed for having known him, worked with him and being able to call him my friend.


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