2016 – Daily Reflection 158

False Hopes

Beware of false hopes

Bible Reading: Matthew 13:3-8

Focus Verse: Other seed fell on good soil. It produced a crop 100, 60 or 30 times more than what was planted. Matthew 13:8

We come to recovery hoping for different. We already know folly of bad choices and behaviours. We are aware of failures and let-downs. Self-inflicted pain and hurt, the pain of being cheated on and betrayed.

False hopes may seem very attractive to us at this time. Man-made theories for changing our ways, eradicating our habitual problems may appeal to our ego.

The Twelve Steps of recovery suggest getting to the heart of evil within us. Removal of shame and guilt which will only come when we confess our guilt to God saying “I have sinned” Recognising the cause and effect of our deep-seeded problems and centering our hope on the One True Solution to our problems – JESUS CHRIST.

Many of us have sought and easier softer way and found it wanting.” [The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous]

Christ is the foundation of all things that are attributed to a positive change of life-style. We can be lured by false hope, if we think we can accomplish recovery on our own. We all need Jesus!

Prayer: Lord, help me not to be lured by half-truths.
Or be deafened by voices that are not Yours.
Instead let me hear You message and Your hope for my life
and follow Your direction always.

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