Daily Reflection, 29 June, 2016

misfitAny group of people will have varied opinions on most things.However most of the time when asked a question they will give the answer that is expected of them not what they really think. Peter boldly, openly and rightly when pushed for an answer from Jesus said.“You’re the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”  In doing so he [Peter] asserted that Jesus was the real deal. Historical facts confirm it: His [Jesus] mission, His death, His resurrection.

Our opinion of Jesus can be shaped by those we mix with. Alcoholics Anonymous and other secular Twelve Step fellowships entertain the idea of belief in a God of our own understanding.  For me that didn’t work and that is why in 1989 I pursued a deeper spiritual understanding on who God is, what does He stand for and how could He help me to achieve and maintain continued spiritual growth.Now I am not saying A.A. and other secular Twelve Step fellowships are wrong. What I am saying we all have a choice. For me the choice is One True Higher Power in whom I put my daily trust. Does that make me a “MISFIT BY CHOICE” in the eyes of others in secular recovery? Possibly! Does that man i am going to change what I believe to fit in and be accepted? definitely NOT!

Dismissal of Christ in the process of recovery to me is like playing
a game of chance with half a deck pf cards


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