Daily Reflection, 2 July, 2016


Psalms 1:1 How well God must like you– you don’t hang out at Sin Saloon, you don’t slink along Dead-End Road, you don’t go to Smart-Mouth College.

Advice is often cheap. Have you ever noticed how many people are ready to give it? especially when it comes from people who are travelling a different road than you are. So many people ready to tell you how to live a life they are not living.

There are times we end up making a mess of our lives, not because we don’t know what is right, but because we choose to listen to and follow the wrong advice. If you want to succeed in recovery you need to listen to those who are walking the recovery road successfully. Those who have put their addictions and problems behind them and are following God’s will for their lives.

The world is full of voices telling us what to do and what is good for us.  Always remember God is ready, willing and able to talk to you at any time of any day. And, He has something special to say to you. You can hear Him speaking through His Word, through prayer, through meditation and through other people.

When we learn to appreciate that there is goodness all around us, although there is also a lot of ugliness in the world we begin to view the world differently.  When we receive God’s mercy and love and place ourselves in His presence we become an important part if His spiritual pilgrimage.

Prayer:  I pray today Lord I may listen to You more for what You want to say to me and I will not follow the counsel of those who are themselves lost.

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